In the shop ?Het Strijkershuis?, we have a assortment of instruments in sizes from 1/16 onwards, from a simple student instrument to an instrument suitable for the advanced player.

We have new modern instruments from German, Czech and the new high quality Chinese manufacturers, selected and set-up (bridge, soundpost,pegs, fingerboard angle, strings etc) by Hendrik Woldring for optimal playing qualities.

We also carry a changing stock of older instruments, which likewise have been thoroughly repaired , if necessary, and set-up by Hendrik Woldring

We have a large collection of bows in all sizes and qualities for all the instruments.

Due to pressures of space and time we have cut back on the sale of double basses but we occasionally have an attractive example in stock.

Feel free to get in touch with us for current information about stock.


We stock a large selection of cases, covers, strings, rosin,schouderrests, chinrests, endpins, mutes, tail-pieces, string adjusters, polishes, cello planks, stands, tuning-forks and various other accessories voor all size violins, violas, cellos and doublebasses.

CASES and COVERS for violins, violas, cello and double bass.

From the makes, Gewa, Jaeger, Winter, Artimax, FEL, BAM and many others in various models and colours. The choice these days is so great that it is impossible to stock everything, but we try to have an example of the products which offer the best combination of price and quality. For example we have a minimum of 12 different new cello cases in stock and 25 different 4/4 violin cases. We will also order other models/colours if requested.


We carry strings for violin, viola, cello, double bass, viola da gambe.Gut, synthetic and steel.

We stock:

From Pirastro- Oliv, Eudoxa, Gold, Chorda,Tonica, Obligato, Evah, Synoxa, Aricore, Flexocor and Chromcor strings.

From Thomastik ? Dominant, Infeld red and blue, Spirocore, Vision – also in Titanium and orkest.

From Corelli ? Crystal, Alliance and cello gut .

From D?addario ? Pro Arte, Zyex, Helicore, Kaplan Golden Spiral.

Also Jargar, Larsen,Westminster, Hill and other makes.


Pirastro ? Eudoxa, Oliv, Gold, etc. Hill, Millant-Deroux,Kaplan Art, Thomastik, Hidersine

Bernandel, Royal Oak,Paganini and Larsen anti-allergic

For bass ? Gon Pops, Nyman, Carlso

And more SHOULDER RESTS: Wolf, Kun, Mach, Augustin and other makes in various models.

CHIN RESTS: more than 30 models in different materials and sizes.

ENDPINS: for cello and floor protectors. Makes including Weidler, Stahlhammer, Bender with new design screw also in carbon fibre.

CELLO PLANKS and stops in various models.

HUMIDIFIERS for in the instrument Dampit and Trophy.

MUTES: models including Tourte round and violin-shaped, Bech magnet, original ebony. Also hotel mutes and cello wolf eliminators.

Don?t hesitate to contact us for more information.