Kopie van de "Heifetz" Guarneri del GesuHendrik Woldring is first and foremost a violin-maker since 1974, which is why the shop is open only half of the week and not in the holidays.

His new-making studio is not in the shop but situated at home in a residential farm outside of town.

He specialises in making violins, violas and cellos in modern and baroque set ups. He sometimes makes a special instrument on request , such as a copy or, for example, a viola pomposa built on request of Lambert Smit.


New making is constantly in development. Hein doesn?t have one permanent model and draws inspiration from various models mostly from the old Italian masters and lately brings in elements of the old Dutch masters such as Rombouts and Jacobs.


The sound, (always difficult to put into words!) is generally big, full, brilliant and direct with an even and easy response, rich in overtones, giving the player a large range in which to colour and form the music


is something Hein has been developing continually along with models and acoustics. He makes his own varnish and ground from natural ingredients based on antique recipes and methods on an oil basis.These sensitive varnishes are not only very beautiful and show the wood to its best advantage, but are also far better for the sound than harder varnishes. However they are not easy or quick to make, apply and dry, so Hein needs a minimum of a whole summer to varnish his instruments

Some instruments are made to order. Hein also likes to make an instrument that he has just designed or a copy of an instrument that has recently inspired him and then look for the type of player who might be looking for that sort of instrument.

Like many craftsmen, the maintenance of an internet site is not Hein?s forte! So don?t hesistate to contact us personally for more information and to see if any instruments are in stock.

Sometimes we might have an older Hendrik Woldring insrument for sale from a client who is not longer able to play.